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Steven Moffatt – Managing Director

Steven is a fourth generation Moffatt farmer and brings to the company a wealth of farming experience and knowledge passed down from our forefathers. Being a farmer means getting your hands dirty and that’s exactly what Steve does. When he’s not promoting and selling carrots and onions to Australia and the rest of the world, he can be found working alongside the rest of the team responsible for bringing our tasty fresh vegetables to your plate.

Mitchell Moffatt – Managing Director 

Mitchell is our Man on the Land. His role is crucial to the continued success of our business. Our quality carrots and onions are Mitchell’s passion. He tends to them the moment the seed is planted, nurtures them throughout the growing stage and oversees the harvest of the produce before being packed. Mitchell’s expertise in all things horticultural is a major contributor to our success.

Nicholas Moffatt – Plant and Operations Manager

Nick is responsible for making sure our produce reaches you as fresh and crisp as the day it is picked. Nick supervises our quality accredited, refrigerated fleet of Kenworth trucks which travel the east coast of Australia delivering fresh carrots and onions to our distributors and retailers. He is also responsible for the major plant and equipment that is necessary in the production of our produce. Moffatt Fresh Produce is a business on the move – thanks to Nick.

Craig Lankowski – Technical Manager 

We have invested millions-of-dollars in state-of-the-art technology to ensure we continue to provide our customers with a superior product - we wouldn’t trust the maintenance of this equipment to any other than our Technical Manager Craig Lankowski. We are grateful to have Craig and his knowledge of all things technical, return to the fold. 

Jenny Moffatt – Administration Manager 

Administration for such a vast entity is no easy task, but our Admin Manager Jen, somehow manages to keep on top of it. Combine this with three busy children and a husband whose second home is the farm (Steve) Jenny has the incredible ability to manage everything and everyone – always with a smile. You will find Jenny in our Tarome office. (She is the one who constantly has her head down at the computer.)

Eileen Odgers, Krissie Moffatt, Kylie Cleeland 

Eileen Odgers – Quality Assurance Manager

Eileen has been within the horticulture industry for over six years and is responsible for our Quality Management System here at Moffatt Fresh Produce. Her implementation processes and effectiveness in maintaining our systems for the production of safe food and compliance on all levels is second to none. 


Krissie Sorenson (Moffatt) – Receptionist

The first point of contact you will have with us at our Moffatt Fresh Produce head office is Krissie. Another Moffatt family member, you will be greeted with a big smile and a cheery “Hello”.  This is what you can expect on arrival to our office where Krissie can be found seated at the reception desk. With plenty of good stories to share of our families history and the same goodwill you will find throughout our entire workforce, we love having Krissie on the team.

Kylie Cleeland – Accountant

It’s not just our carrots that crunch at Moffatts! Kylie has recently joined the team as our Company Accountant and can be found crunching the numbers in the Tarome office. Kylie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position. 

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